Black Swan Consulting approach

We understand that organisations are different, with unique cultures and unique challenges and opportunities. Whilst there might be commonality within issues that companies face, solutions and successful execution of change are intrinsically linked to the specific organisation in which they will be implemented.

Our approach follows the same logic. Through close collaboration with our clients we ensure that the uniqueness of each organisational culture is understood in detail and, moreover, an integral part of any solution and change implemented.

We believe that any sustainable organisational change needs three elements:

  • A deep dive – hard data are the basis for a thorough analysis establishing genuine insights into the challenge facing your organisation and providing you with authentic and unbiased input
  • Finding your way – practical recommendations and a plan focused on quickly addressing your challenges and, concomitantly, producing maximum return is defined with and ideally by your team
  • Moving it forward – the change to your performance does not happen in the analysis nor in the planning phase but only when executed by your team. We will guide your team through the execution bringing out their full potential and ensuring that  the change made will be sustainable through implementation of new ways of working and by addition of new competencies… we will be leaving your organisation smarter


Planning without execution does not bring you forward – neither does execution without planning and direction. All projects are unique but most share three distinct phases: data analysis, strategic planning and execution. Each phase is essential to the outcome and requires specific key competencies. We acknowledge this and the project team we deliver to you will always combine business strategic understanding, business performance capabilities and project management.

...we will be leaving you smarter!