Commercial strategy development and execution

Commercial strategy development and execution

You are most likely facing the internal challenge of having to do more with less in an environment that is becoming more testing by the day. Concomitantly, new ways of communicating with customers and distributing your products are tempting with low-cost alternatives to the conventional selling techniques and distribution set-up.

Developing a commercial strategy through to implementation is an area in which all partners at Black Swan Consulting have considerable expertise, both commercially and academically. We combine theory and experience with a structured implementation process using validated tools from project and process excellence such as Six Sigma, Lean and change management.

Our approach is data driven and solid but also practical. In close collaboration with you and your organisation we apply a three step approach when assisting you in getting your marketing strategy right, providing your market access or efficiently delivering your sales. Internally we call it the APE model, Analysis, Planning and Execution (trademark pending).

As part of your team, we are prepared to take your project from idea to tangible outcomes.

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