Providing your market access

The choices of price point and market access approach are two of the most important decisions you will be making for any product in your portfolio. Crucially, you are unlikely to be given more than one single shot at getting pricing and market access right.

The healthcare environment is ever-changing. However, over the last decade the healthcare industry has experienced the biggest earthquake in living memory. The payers including both private and public healthcare providers have started to act like … well… real customers demanding justification of indications, value and price points. Additionally, the number of stakeholders for you to manage has grown and you are unlikely to tap into the full potential of your portfolio without considering input from key doctors, key opinion leaders, advising pharmacists, payers and other healthcare providers.

Tagging or categorising your product “restricted use”, “preferential listing” or “non-reimbursed” is a new way of controlling the health care budget as is the increasing demands to the clinical data associated with your product. Moreover, the use of reference pricing has been implemented across Europe, given your pricing decision in a single market impact on your European P&L.

Pricing has always been a challenge and – to some – a little bit of an art. Those days are gone. Pricing is a massive challenge and the “arty element” has disappeared and it has been replaced by a strong need for hard data and scenario based calculations.

At Black Swan Consulting we have significant experience in driving market access projects and in providing optimal pricing strategies. Furthermore, we have helped many clients to implement successful market access initiatives and to negotiate the European pricing maze.

Our approach is one of involvement and we will work with your team ensuring that both ownership and competencies are built within your organisation.

It would be our privilege to sit down with you and discuss your imminent challenges with the view to ensuring an optimal game plan. Please contact us here.