Optimising your marketing strategy

The marketing strategy is the fundamental game plan for your commercial activities and as such is crucial to your success and to fulfilling the potential of your business opportunity.

Are you in the process of developing a marketing plan? Are your sales falling short of your business plan and in need of an objective review? Would you need to pull together a launch plan? Does your company need a stakeholder mapping and a KOL plan? Is your biggest challenge to revise your portfolio strategy? What would the optimal position statement for your new product be?

Black Swan Consultants have industry experience and we have all successfully delivered and implemented marketing strategic initiatives across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, laboratory equipment, research chemicals and more.

Our approach is one of involvement and we will work with your team ensuring that both ownership and competencies are built within your organisation.

Please also see example on our results and on how we work here.

It would be our privilege to sit down with you and discuss your imminent challenges with the view to ensuring an optimal game plan. Please contact us here.