Business process optimisation

You may recognise that most organisations and departments are faced with cost containment pressure at the same time as demands for delivering growth in outcomes - also known as "doing more with less". Very often it is difficult to make ends meet and you end up being frustrated with the bureaucracy and time-wasting infra-structure. You may be saying to yourself could we just focus on the task at hand…

Think about it… How many of your critical business processes have actually been designed to work effectively? Has anyone ever looked at what is actually done versus what we believe is done? Perhaps it helps being more specific…

    • How and by who was your budget process designed? Do you feel it is worth the time being invested? Do you think it could be done better? More efficiently? Add more value?
    • Are your organisations executing projects in a timely manner? To budget?
    • Does your business provide discounts or extended payment terms? Is there a policy for this? Has it recently been reviewed by people close to you?
    • How is your organisation typically running meetings? Are they efficient? Too many people involved? Clear outcomes?
    • How does your department book business travelling? Do you have a process? Is it cost-efficient? Could you save money without reducing activity level?

It is our belief that many organisations are not operating at their full potential and most have opportunities to improve efficiencies without need for drastic surgical action.

Many functions within organisations work within silos and have their own language, skill sets and needs which are different from others. Processes run across functions and require frequent handover of information, data or material from one function to the other.

This combination, unless designed from the bottom up, does not always lead to efficient results resulting in delayed product launches, variations in pricing, inconsistent deliveries,…

Process optimisation is about looking horizontally across an organisation, identifying the critical business processes, prioritising and then driving improvement projects with key stakeholder and players to rebuild an efficient process.


Improvements within functions do deliver some efficiencies, but to implement a step change in the way the whole organization operates requires functions working together along these critical business processes using a common language of improvement.

BSC have experience in driving strategic, organisation-wide change and improvement that deliver efficiencies, increased profitability and savings. These can be achieved by designing a process improvement program that can be scalable from a local unit all the way up to a regional organization or by identifying your critical business processes and helping you improve them to be more efficient, sustainable and reliable.

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