Business excellence

Irrespective of the current status of your organisation, there is a constant pressure for making tomorrow better than today.

Sometimes you may be sitting on a burning platform, financially in dire straits or merely facing the burden of again delivering double-digit growth and the questions on the below are ringing in your ears.


  • Why are our expenses are growing at a faster rate than our revenue?

  • Why do our projects run long, late and over budget?

  • Why do we frequently miss launch dates?

  • I need to reduce my expenses but where do I start?

  • Why are we reducing headcount without reducing activity?

  • Why do the same issues crop up again and again?

  • Why do we have the feeling that we are working hard but not smart?

  • We have always done it this might be time for a change


Process has always been a critical part of organisations but very often has been overlooked as a value-adding activity. Today, with the increasing pace of business change, organisations are experiencing pressure to make process a priority.

Process excellence is becoming more of a competitive differentiator that enables getting new ideas, strategies and products to successful execution excellence.

At Black Swan Consulting, we provide support with the following to help improve the performance of your organisation :