Our offer to you

We tell our children that the best way to find out if they like a dish is to test it. That is not a bad approach and we politely suggest you to do the same.

You may have smaller or bigger challenges facing your organisation and we will be happy to take a look at them with you.

Our offer to you is that we will commit to a two hour session with you and if you wish, your team, openly listening and discussing in-depth the challenges facing you. The session will be led by a BSC partner.

Within one week from our workshop you will receive a written summary and a high level proposed plan for how to address your issues. This document will be yours to keep whether you decide to proceed with us or not.


Your investment will be your time. The only charge from us will relate to any travel costs we may face.

Should you decide to work with us to deliver the plan, we will work with you, with one clear objective of improving the performance of your business.

All projects that we are involved with receive our undivided attention from start to finish. Our commitment to you is that based on real data we will provide you with competent, authentic and unbiased input.

Though diplomatic in approach, we might even politely disagree with you and your colleagues if our findings indicate that a change in approach would improve your business performance.

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