Orphan drugs

Over the last couple of years Black Swan Consulting has been involved in  commercial considerations and preparations relating to a number of potential orphan drug candidates.

We have experienced an increased interest in orphan drugs and during those years, the rare disease area has become a substantial factor to consider both from a strategic point of view as from a financial perspective. Some companies like e.g. Celgene, Vertex and Alexion, fully or in part, base their future commercial success on pursuing a rare disease strategy. The orphan drugs address a high unmet medical need and so benefit from a pricing structure that makes them commercially attractive to pharma and biotech companies. In turn, this also means that this drug category is occupying an increasing proportion of total drug spending and forecasts predict that by 2020 up to 20% of budgets for prescription medicine will be assigned to rare diseases and orphan drugs.

The increased interest in this fast developing area is leading to many questions regarding the commercialisation process. Consequently, we will be offering a little insight into the rare disease category and over the coming weeks (July and August) we will answer the following orphan drug related questions:

  1. What is an orphan drug?
  2. Why the hype around orphan drugs?
  3. Why value stories matter.

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We would welcome any input you may have including specific questions you would like covered. Please email such through to Peder on info@blackswanconsulting.ch.