Case studies

Black Swan Consulting offers fully customised and flexible project management resources driven with a phased structure, catering to your needs and preferences.

Below you will find links to selected cases (with company names disguised) that illustrate how we work. Though illustrative, the cases are based on actual projects run by Black Swan partners. 


Launch preparation

Aligning central and local launch resources

ALL, a medium sized speciality pharmaceutical company had gone through a challenging period and cost cutting had taken its toll on the sales and marketing organisation including the European sales subsidiaries. ALL was now preparing for the European launch of a new product however two recent launches had however been difficult and for both products the initial uptake had dissappointed. The central launch team put this down to poor execution by the sales subsidiaries. The sales subsidiaries, on the other hand, claimed that the central launch plan ignored some important local aspects. Read more › 


First launch

MEL, a privately held biotech company had developed an advanced, early and innovative cancer treatment. Until now, the company had focused on research and development. Upon the release of the funding MEL now needed to prepare for commercialising its first product. Read more ›


Business Performance Optimisation

Sales discount conundrum

Company BSL, based in the UK implemented an offer of a cash discount to NHS customers for early payment of invoices to alleviate a cash flow challenge a number of years ago. As the company grew, so did the discount which was deemed vital for sales, reaching a peak of close to £2 million per year.

The executive board were unconvinced with the effectiveness of this discount and for a number of years were stonewalled by the sales organisation citing potential sales losses if the discount were to be removed.

Lacking clarity of the situation and data to back their instinct, BSL looked to the outside to resolve their issue. Read More ›

Strategy Realignment pays off

Company CA, based in Europe developed and launched their first device to perform a differential diagnosis of patients suffering from respiratory conditions.

A new commercially focused management team with years of experience in Medical Devices was put in place but three years later the commercial break-through had yet to be realised. The P&L was suffering from expenses relating to the increase in commercial activities and CA had not yet achieved general reimbursement for its products.

Unexpectedly Company CA needed another round of funding to secure the commercial break-through and Black Swan Consulting were commissioned to help realign the sales and marketing strategy. Read More ›


European Market Access

Full Operations set-up

BM, a Boston based company with products selling in the US, is planning to expand into Europe. Early plans suggest a two step approach establishing a UK domicile and head-office followed by a simultaneous launch by own sales force resources across the five biggest markets.

Short of of resources and with no knowledge of Europe, BM commissioned Black Swan Consulting to implement their decision and review its operational plans for European Entry. Read More ›

Initial European set-up and gradual rollout

PLL, Australia, a research focused biotechnology company with three drug candidates progressing through its pipeline, had entered into a license and development agreement with a large pharmaceutical company providing funding in the form of milestones and royalty from potential US sales. PLL had maintained the rights to potential sales in the rest of the world.

Black Swan Consulting was commissioned to provide early advice on potential European commercialisation strategies including needs for and potential timing of establishing a European presence. Read More ›